MOZ Coin

MOZ Coin is designed to quickly become the cryptocurrency of choice. It has speed, security, and ease of access but most importantly it is ASSET-BACKED.

We are working with top asset and capital owners to create the first asset-backed coin, allowing comfort for all. These backers believe in the future of a global digital economy, without borders and interference so much that they are putting their good names and assets into the Mobile Ounce Pool.

Mobile Ounce Pool
This is a pool of assets that may include the added strength all the other cryptocurrencies are missing!
-Gold Bonds
-Mining Certificates
-Metals Options
-and other tangible assets

These wise asset holders will get a discount on the value of the coin against non-asset members but providing a strong foundation for the coin and will be well worth it on a global scale for all. You can think of it as a type of assurance for the coins longevity.