mOZ Coins

mOZ Coins are designed to make cryptocurrency easier and safer for the Real World user. Designed for evey day use in several convenient units for exchange , trade and acquiring Mobile Ounces.

100 mOZ Cents = Mobile Ounce (mOZ)
10 mOZ Dime = Mobile Ounce (mOZ)
4 mOZ Quarter = Mobile Ounce (mOZ)

Mobile Ounce (mOZ)

Mobile Ounce = Digital Token backed by a Safe Unit

How many mOZ are in a Safe Unit?

32,000 mOZ in a Safe Unit with a max 650 safe units available for asset exchange in the safe. (total approx 21 Million mOZ)

Example: Safe Unit = $540,000 a mOZ would be valued at $16.90 base value, however when the value of the assets grows or dips the base will change the underlying value but the coin may exchange much higher as supply and demand change like any other cryptocurrency. The trend should be much less volatile because of the underlying assets making mOZ the new “Gold Standard” in crypto.

Get more information about mOZ SAfe Unit

These can be traded in the mOZ Vault or other tokens can be traded into the same vault for “SAFE KEEPING” backed by the Assets in the safe denoted as “SAFE UNITS