mOZ Safe

Moz Safe is where the Safe Units are held.

What is a Safe Unit?

A Safe Unit is an asset from backers who contracted with the safe to leverage assets that align with the safes charter. To provide added stability and trust to the digital marketplace.

What Assets are in a mOZ safe unit?

Safe Units could include but not limited to Gold Certificates, Gold Contracts, Land Banks, Business Equity, Precious Metal Coupons and other assets designed to provide added value to the SAfe Trust.

mOZ Units to SAfe Unit exchange?

32,000 mOZ equal a SAfe Unit

Example Math (as of Dec 25, 2017)

How is the value of the Safe Unit derived?

Safe Units fluctuate depending on the assets under management or deposited assets into the safe and will be set each Dec 25th based on portfolio value and account adjustments of the underlying assets.

What is the value of a Safe Unit in USD?

1 safe unit estimated to be seen as $54,000 dollars as of Dec 25th 2017

What is the value of mOZ in USD?

1 safe unit could be seen as $54,000 dollars as of Dec 25th 2017

* The safe holds global assets and estimations are just that, the set price will include exchange, value and currency conditions in each country factors are the mOZ VAULT

650 Safe Units plus 200,000 mOZ for startup, mining, investor incentive and influencer pool total aprox 21 million mOZ

NOTE: as the value of the underlying SAFE UNITS increase or decrease there will be a change but stabilization can still be expected in the market place, because fractional banking and supply and demand are factors that will push the trading value of the mOZ higher than its underlying base.

Demand for SAFE UNITS will rise also pushing up total value providing for a safer eco-system.